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Rado Watches
Featured in national magazines like Elle, Self and InStyle, Rado is a watch company of unparalleled vision and passion. For Rado, design is essential; not just merely decoration or a superficial layer wrapped around the components, but the basis of the world we live in. Design is the materialization of a vision, the promise of innovation, a creative progression and the human touch in an otherwise industrial process.

Imagine a surface without flaws. A surface of extreme purity and beauty. This was Rado’s beginning. Founded originally as a maker of watch components in 1917, one man’s vision and brilliance inspired the transformation into a world class-brand. In the years that followed, Rado sought, and ultimately found, ways to transform this dream into the tangible reality of watches which premiered in 1957.

Since then, they have actively pursued unending innovations in the use of high-tech materials. Foremost among these is ceramics, whose exceptional characteristics have long been recognized. Rado pioneered the use of high-tech ceramics in the watch industry. Today it is the material of choice for Ceramica, Sintra, Integral and Rado True. Extremely light weight, Rado’s high-tech ceramics contain hypoallergenic features and the unique capacity to absorb the body’s heat, allowing Rado to deliver the ultimate in luxury: absolute comfort.

Rado also encourages the dreams of others; since 2005, Rado has been a proud sponsor of Susan G Komen for the Cure® and has donated more than $100,000 to support breast cancer research and community outreach. They also created Radostar, an open web platform that aims to provide creatives with a simple way to share their work and create a network in their field of activity.

At Rado, first they imagine, then they create the future. Let a Perosi's associate help you imagine and find a Rado watch for your future right now.
Carl F. Bucherer