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Oris Watches
Since 1904, Oris has been making watches in Hölstein, Switzerland. You can tell at once that Oris is a leader in the world of mechanical watches simply by turning one of their watches over. The window in the case back makes the complex inner workings of the watch visible, displaying the registered trademark Red Rotors and the mechanical movement at the centre of the timepiece. These mechanical hearts have now been beating for over 100 years.

Oris craftsmen have been refining their expertise and launching new and successful movements for decades. They are not only faithful to mechanics, but also leading mechanics into the future. The current models, which incorporate their pioneering innovations, are equipped with first class mechanical automatic movements. Hand-made and high-mech, all the components of Oris watches have been manufactured using high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous testing at the Oris factory.

Oris watches are made for daily use with the highest quality standards. Therefore, an Oris watch can be handed down from generation to generation. The popularity of these watches is also evident in Oris’ collaborations with personalities from the fields of motor sport, diving, aviation and culture. Celebrities around the world line up to wear and support these unique creations.

Perosi's Jewelry is an authorized retailer of Oris watches and therefore their associates are also experts available to help select the perfect Oris watch for your needs. Speak with a Perosi's associate today; one of these highly sought after watches is within your reach.
Carl F. Bucherer