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Hamilton Watches
Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892, the Hamilton Watch Company is truly a pioneer in the watch industry. Established as one of the leading watchmakers in the world, Hamilton has a proven reputation for creating elegant and reliable timepieces. The watches combine a strong American spirit with the unrivalled precision of the latest Swiss movements and technology. Perosi's Jewelry is pleased to carry Hamilton watches and the diverse tradition of excellence that comes with that name.

Their first series of pocket watches, Broadway Limited, became known as the “Watch of Railroad Accuracy”. The unrivalled precision and reliability of the Hamilton railroad watches put a stop to an epidemic of serious accidents and marked the beginning of a long and continuing journey of successful timekeeping.

During the second decade of the 20th century Hamilton gained the prestigious rank of supplier to the US Armed Forces. The first of the wrist-watches provided was used by General “Black Jack” Pershing and his troops who were fighting in the European trenches. During World War II, Hamilton ceased production of watches for consumers to concentrate on the huge task of providing the forces with a total of one million timepieces.

Hamilton also has a long aviation heritage dating back to 1919 when its aeronautical watch looked after the first American airmail postal service between Washington and New York. Watches from Hamilton continued to play a leading role in the pioneer age of aviation, too, with pilots using them to check their position in the air, calculate air and wind speed, and to time radio communication on route.

As a true pioneer in the watch industry, Hamilton premiered the revolutionary Ventura in 1957, the world’s first electric (battery-powered) watch. Just thirteen years after the Ventura was introduced, the world’s first digital watch started measuring time – made by Hamilton.

In 1961, Elvis Presley wore his Ventura in the film “Blue Hawaii”. The Hamilton/Hollywood relationship continued with roles in such films as Men in Black, Lethal Weapon 4, Fight Club, Independence Day, The Talented Mr. Ripley and You’ve Got Mail. To date Hamilton watches have appeared in over 300 movies. Costume designers and stylists remained drawn to the eye-catching shapes and styles of the Hamilton timepieces for bringing a huge spectrum of characters to life. Let a Perosi's associate find the right Hamilton watch for you and bring this legendary brand into your life.
Carl F. Bucherer